Saturday, November 3, 2012

Realtor Brad White loves deep fried turkey, but cautions his friends in Vero Beach and Sebastian Florida

Hey, I admit, the first time I tried this was in Fairbanks Alaska, I did did not consider "displacement" and hot oil ran all over the driveway, away from my log house.

Holiday Warning: The dangers of deep frying a turkey - KVUE

Holiday Warning: The dangers of deep frying a turkey CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- During the holidays many people choose to fry turkey instead of the traditional oven bake. But, every year, people get burned or damage their property because they're careless with the hot oil and open flame. The internet is flooded ...


One of the great things about having Thankgiving in Vero Beach Florida is an almost garuntee of perfect weather. Have you been thinking about homes for sale in Vero Beach Florida


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