Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Here is an alternative to tile floors, as suggested by Brad White, your Realtor in Vero Beach Florida

Stained Concrete | Staining Concrete | How to Acid Stain Concrete ...


How to stain concrete, stained concrete flooring ideas and design. Photos and info on application of acid etched staining, stain techniques, sealing and ...

When I bought my current home, I ripped all of the carpet and laminate out and tiled the entire home. It is beautiful, it works really well, but I think staining the concrete would have been better because of the maintenance issues. Tiles can breal or chip, the grout lines need to be cleaned or replaced, but stained concrete needs none of that. Come on done and have a look at the homes for sale in Vero Beach Florida to see what you can do with the flooring there. Of course, we also have some wonderful Sebastin Florida homes for sale as well.

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