Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vero Beach Florida Homes For Sale Expert - Brad White

Editorial: Real work is just beginning in Vero Beach to complete sale of ... - TCPalm

The residents of Vero Beach have spoken. By a wide margin, voters recently approved a referendum affirming City Council"s prior decision to sell the electric utility to FPL.

The proposed agreement calls for FPL to pay the city $111.9 million and other considerations for the utility system. The plan is to complete the deal by early 2014, though potential complications could delay the sale until October 2016.

What now?

"We wait patiently" is not an option.

Resolving the obstacles by the planned completion date will take an active, concerted effort by all parties involved in the negotiations. There are four qualities that must animate the city"s efforts to complete the sale by early 2014.  Read More.

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